A Weekend Guide to Brighton

I’ve been to Brighton many times over the years and I never tire of it. This beautiful seaside town is great for a mini break away. Before I left the country in 2015 I spent a day in Brighton doing ‘All things British’ – Eating chips on the beach, playing at the arcade, and walking down the promenade. More recently, I went on a weekend away with a group of friends, two of which hadn’t been there before so we needed to show them the spirit of British seasides.

One of the latest additions to Brighton is the British Airways i360. More of a gimmick than anything, this gives you a 360 degree view of Brighton from 138 metres up. There’s even a bar on it offering a glass of prosecco while you take in the views. The whole experience lasts 15 minutes and you’re of course taken through a gift shop on your way out.

This tower is built on the site of the old pier which burnt down in 2003 after years of slowly collapsing. The remains of what was once a beautiful victorian promenade are now just good for dramatic photos.

As you walk further down the promenade you eventually come to what is now Brighton Pier. On this there are many food stalls, souvenir shops, restaurants, arcades, and at the end a fun fair with some rollercoasters. Always make sure to have some change on you before you go as all the ATM machines charge along the pier. Inside the arcades are the usual 2p games and the classic racing games. We found the Deal or No Deal game fairly easy to win tickets from!

Of course no sea side trip is complete without fish and chips. There’s a restaurant on the pier that you can go to, or takeaways along the sea front. Last year I went to Bankers which is a little ways inland but well worth searching for.

Brighton is also known for The Lanes. These are little alleyways with old shops of antique jewellery, sweets and clothing. They’re like a maze to go around, with windows full of trinkets and treats. Not far out of the alleys are restaurants and the main shopping centre so it’s easy to spend the day wandering around.

There are other things to do in Brighton such as the aquarium, but I’d only recommend it if you’ve fitted in everything else! On my most recent trip away we only managed the i360, pier, some good food, and a few bars, but it’s the people that make it so great. They were friendly and helpful and I saw a number of them stopping by any homeless and asking them if they needed anything – something I rarely see in London.

For our weekend away we rented out an entire house as there were so many of us. It was a beautiful place that I would definitely recommend to you if you’re quite a big group.

So as you can see, there’s plenty to see and do in Brighton and all I’ve mentioned at the day events! At nighttime the town comes to life with a vibrant collection of bars and clubs to suit all needs. It’s still my favourite seaside destination.


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