Our Weekend in Malmö

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to stay with my friend in Malmö, Sweden. The easiest way to fly into Malmö is by flying into Copenhagen in Denmark and then getting the short train journey across the sea right into Malmö central.

As it was the beginning of December we were lucky enough to see the city dressed up for Christmas, and don’t the Swedes love Christmas!

We soon learnt that they bring out Christmas themed versions of most foods and drinks after my friend introduced them to us over the days.

Saffron buns & Julmust

There’s your standard mulled wine, but they also make Christmas bread, Christmas ham, Saffron Bread for Lucia day, and Jülmust which is a sort of spiced coke. The list goes on. We even found a Christmas themed Princess Cake, the cake of Sweden.

Princess Cake

We wandered around the supermarkets taking in all the beautiful foods and Swedish Santas.

Swedish Santas typically look like garden gnomes

Our first full day was spent seeing the Turning Torso, a new building of offices and apartments. This area is clearly an up and coming part of Malmö with new homes being built along the seafront as well as the new World Trade Centre and a massive supermarket. We walked right up to the seafront and had a warm cocoa before moving on.

The town centre of Malmö is quite varied. There’s an older part which we learnt was from the 1400s onwards, with old factory buildings which are now used as shops. They have a few beautiful squares, one of which has become a Christmas market during these Winter months and has lots of things for children to do like a merry-go-round and a ‘playroom’ in the shape of an igloo.

What I love most about Malmö is that it’s a relatively small town but has plenty in it to keep people entertained. The lights at night are gorgeous, and the classic buildings frame the seaside place beautifully. It’s great for a mini break away or a stopover on your way onto Stockholm for example. Malmö is a considerably cheaper option than Stockholm!

Lastly, I’d like to turn your attention to this that’s happening at the moment:
‘Tiny, Magical Shops For Mice Are Popping Up In Sweden’

Beautiful ‘mouse shops’ being created by someone in a suburb nearby.


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