What happens next?

Since arriving back in the UK after 8 months abroad I’ve struggled to fit back in. Probably because I wasn’t ready to, and I’m still not! Last year I began my journey in Australia, spent Christmas and New Years on an island in Fiji, campervanned around New Zealand, had a guided tour around Sri Lanka, and spent my last weekend away in Dubai, UAE.

Writing it all down like that, it comes out like quite a long list for 8 months away, but since getting back all I’ve done is miss the sunshine. I’m one of those people who thrives on sunlight and find myself in a depressive pit during the dark winter months. Therefore I’ve always felt that I’d find life a lot easier if I was based in a warmer climate.

My head’s currently all over the place and changing it’s mind every day, but I know that these thoughts aren’t fleeting, I have always wanted to do the following, it’s just choosing when to do them.

Work in America – Like Australia, I’ve always looked at the size of America and felt that to see it all I would need to work there. For some reason the USA doesn’t look too kindly on Brits going over to ‘New England’ to work, and make it slightly difficult to gain a working visa. I am however working on this, and have been on and off for many years. If I can get a visa to work in America, I can continue in my current career in LA, something I don’t feel comfortable doing in London anymore.

Work in Dubai – I’ve been to Dubai at least once a year for the last 6 years that my friends have lived there. Every time I go there I have a great time and love the humidity (I still haven’t been there in midsummer when you can’t even leave the house). Considering I’m a country bumpkin, I actually like the idea of living in a city of sand and coloured lights. Slipping on marble footpaths, and having the world’s largest mall as your local shopping centre sounds fun, at least for a little while. Dubai, however, will be a bit more difficult for me to work in. I probably wouldn’t want to work in my chosen career there, but I would happily have an office job, just to live the lifestyle for a little while.

Learn Italian in Italy – Many years ago, when I was a child, I made a deal with an Italian friend of my family’s that I would stay with her for 3 months and learn Italian, live the Italian lifestyle. Then, 10 years ago, she died suddenly with heart problems. This spurred me on to keep my promise and make it that I’d learn Italian whilst living in the country.
I’d planned on doing this on my way back from Oz but since arriving back home and contacting Italian schools, I feel that this is one thing I could do a lot later on in life. Sure, the idea of living in Italy sounds great. I’d get fat on pasta, pizza, pastries and the like, but then I’d be fat, and that’s one thing I don’t plan on doing until I’m a lot older!

Hopefully one of these will become a reality in the next few months and I can write all about it!


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