The many faces at Hostels and how to handle them

During my stay in hostels I came across many different ‘types’ of people. There’s your classic European single guy vying for attention, groups of girls or guys who all met travelling and are now making their journeys together, and lots and lots of single female travellers.

As we made our way around various locations of Oz, women started telling us their experiences whilst staying in hostels around the world. On a tour around the Daintree rainforest we were shocked to be sat with a group of girls from all walks of life and each of them have a negative story whilst travelling around Australia. One girl had had a way too friendly hostel owner offering her a private space expecting benefits in return, another had had men coming onto her in a mixed dorm, all of these experiences are the kinds of things you don’t expect to hear these days as most posts speak highly of the safety of women travelling alone these days (but we all know to still keep our wits about us). Luckily these women had their heads screwed on and knew how to handle themselves – that’s the reason they’re on their independent journey –  but it came as a shock to us that amongst a table of 5 women, 3 of them had already felt unsafe somewhere during their travels…

…Which could be a good reason as to why I found so many mixed groups during my trip. These people had met up randomly whilst hostelling elsewhere and formed such a bond that they were happy to carry on their experience together. I never got to speak to the groups but from observation they appeared a lot more confident and seemed to always be having the time of their lives. Yes, a few of them were probably having holiday romances, but if it keeps you feeling happy and safe, what’s the down side to this story?

As for ‘Crazy Dave’ who walks in a room wearing some clashing luminous clothes, shades indoors, and shouts about how much fun he’s having, he’s not as original as he might think he is. When we greyhounded our way down the East Coast we came across many ‘Dave’s, and tried to ignore them as much as possible. For me, they’re too full on and I wouldn’t be able to cope with having that amount of energy around me all the time, which is probably why they’re usually found on their own during the day. At night, however, they’ve finally become the centre of the party they wanted to be and all the drunkards love him. Good for you ‘Crazy Dave’, may you always find ways of expelling your energy through travelling.

Even though we may all be there for different reasons, we still all want the same thing out of it; to see the world. As long as we look out for each other, and ensure to enjoy our time together respectfully and happily, then there should be no problems. Guys respect those girls, and ladies, you continue being the kickass bitches you’ve always been. I salute you all for embracing that travelling bug and running with it.


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