It isn’t Autumn Everywhere…

As you begin to cosy up with cocoa and a blanket, I’m throwing off the covers and struggling to sleep through the humidity. Never until now have I had to consider how different months can be, depending on your location.

Leaving the UK at the beginning of their Summer to find myself in a wet and chilly Australian Winter in July was not what I expected, but then again, it was their coldest Winter in years!

Over the months it’s become more and more apparent of how different countries live the same year. Online articles are aimed at cold autumnal nights in – soups to warm you up, which books to read in front of a fire – and here I am in the same month, sweating buckets on a beach!

We’ve just moved our clock forward one hour for Spring here in New South Wales, which means that there’s a bit more sunlight until around 7pm. That’s the best they get here. One thing I love about British Summers is how late it’s light until. As a kid it was both awesome and sad cause I’d be out later but would be sent to bed when it was still light. Upon learning of how early it gets dark here in the Southern Hemisphere, it reminded me of how constantly light it is at the top of the Northern Hemisphere and what it must be like for them.

All these differences have shown me what a Western World we live in. Take Christmas for example; the celebration of a child’s birth in Jerusalem, a place which will have definitely been hot at the time, and yet all the adverts show wintry scenes that parts of America and Europe will be enveloped in come December 25th.

I do look forward to seeing what Oz does for Christmas, as I’m sure it’s all about the barbies and beach life, but I can’t help but feel left out of the big Christmas extravaganza that seems to embrace the Northern quarters.


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