How I’m deciding where to go in Oz

Along with my Lonely Planet guide to East Coast Australia (, I also have a sister and brother in law who spent a year travelling around Oz back in the ‘90s. People know the general points of Australia that they’d like to visit, and I already had an outline of destinations due to people I knew and where I could get work in my industry. I’m trying to keep my options open and not set anything in stone too much other than I’d like to be where it’s warm at that time of the year.

These are my basic points:

Brisbane – to see my mother’s cousin and spend time with her while I settle into Aussie life.

Sydney – to see some of my old work colleagues who’ve moved out there, a friend of mine who’s also on a work visa, and my boyfriend’s Kiwi friends who currently work there. This is also a great location for work in my industry.

Melbourne – Another city where I have an old work colleague I’m keen to catch up with and another great location for a job in my industry.

Other than those main destinations there are a few ‘must sees’, and some other places I’ve been told to visit while I have the chance.

So my other spots to visit are:

  • The Great Barrier Reef (of course)
  • Tasmania
  • The Great Ocean Road
  • Darwin and its surrounding National Parks
  • Blue Mountains
  • Rottnest Island – for the Quokkas!
  • Ayres Rock / The Olgas

I’ve been collecting pictures on my pinterest board for me to look at closer to the time and whilst I’m out there so that I don’t miss anything.

Let me know if you think I should add places to my list!


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