Young Hearts, Roam Free

To take an old thing and put a spin on it.

This June I will be turning thirty years old. This doesn’t bother me. It was everything around me that did. As the clock turns to midnight on January 1st, many people begin new plans, resolutions, and diets for the year ahead. As the clock turned to midnight in my flat with my boyfriend of 3 years, we were fast asleep.

It wasn’t until two weeks later that everything began to make sense and I decided to pick up this life I’ve made in London and throw it up in the air to be carried across to Australia, leaving my loved ones behind me.

This wasn’t a decision made lightly, and it’s not something that just popped into my head one day. Back when I was 15 I spent my summer holidays glued to BBC2 watching Heartbreak High, wishing my summers were that hot. When I turned 23 I was desperate to work and travel across America, and when my boyfriend and I first started dating, travelling was one of our top topics to talk about.

So why have I ended up buying a one way ticket across the world without him?  He’s a little younger than me, meaning he has a few years before it becomes difficult for him to gain a working visa. After many talks, it was decided that it would be beneficial for me to go it alone.

This decision hasn’t been understood by many, but to explain it in it’s simplest terms – he’s a cameraman who travels with work. A lot. Last year he was away from home for 7 months out of 12. After spending a few years like that, we’ve gotten used to dealing with the distance.

But enough about the relationship, let’s talk about the blog! I’ve started it for many reasons.

  • To go through the packing up of my life, and the many things you need to consider as you go.
  • Travel guides and photos of the day to show you a snapshot of my new life.
  • I also intend to upload reviews on books and films whenever I can, as well as talking through my latest writing ventures.

So let the games begin! I’m 4 months and 3 days from the start of a new existence. Before I begin my big wander.


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